Friday, 13 June 2014

Update 44 - HSCT cure for CIDP - Facts (2)

Testing for if you are a suitable candidate to have HSCT

If you go to Pirogov, there appears to be minimal actual testing before you go, apart from general conversations/discussions.

A fee is paid for you to have the initial testing (this seems to be around £3,500), but this doesn't include any flights/transfers, which can easily double the costs, plus if you are actually going with someone else their costs of staying.

The tests themselves seem to last for around four days and the main purposes are to understand what your medical age is, if there are any other issues/illnesses that may prevent you from being treated and likelihood to be able survive the process, this relates to the chemotherapy as you have to be "fit and healthy" in order to cope.

Below is the testing sheet from a specific patient:

The above seems pretty standard for CIDP.

The Dr then goes through the results and assesses whether the treatment is suitable for you and as stated above this depends on your biological age.  The next step if you pass is the treatment itself...

Latest news about Pirogov is there is now an 18-24 month waiting list at this facility :-(

Another centre seems to exist in Beijing China:

China Stem Cells Medical Center

They are advertising on the web: China Stem Cell Center

However I have not found a patient with CIDP that has been treated there and so don't have a lot more information about it.