Friday, 17 October 2014

Update 47 - HSCT cure for CIDP - Facts (5)

The return of the Stem Cells!

This is simply connecting you to a machine and pumping the stem cells back into your body.  Seems to take a while (half an hour to an hour) and then it's over, however the process has an effect on the body (low blood pressure, dizziness, pressure in chest area...).  So it is not painless, just needs to be gotten through.

As an FYI:  They store your stem cells in cryogenic fluid!


As stated previously these are just notes taken from a couple of examples, however each patient may vary.

  1. In theory all luggage and clothing goes, so you are supposed to be left in hospital gowns only, but it is possible to keep some clothes?
  2. Double exterior windows closed and not to be opened at all.
  3. Air Filtration systems turned on and all doors out closed except for bathroom and kitchen visits etc.
  4. UV lighting in the bathroom, only off when the patient is in there
  5. Staff entering in full covering (gowns, masks etc)
  6. Shower, once a day
  7. Hygiene washes twice a day, one after the shower
  8. No toothbrush, just specific mouthwash -3 times daily
  9. Limited food types oatmeal, only baby yogurt, no fresh fruit, nuts, vegetables, lots of other limitations that mean bland food
  10. Bedding changed each day and room cleaned thoroughly (1 hour to clean the bed - patient in shower during this time)
  11. All dishes washed specially
  12. No visitors
Having a Wi-Fi connected computer or device and a pre-paid method for access (hospital permitting) is probably a great life-line to the outside world. Also need to ensure this is sanitised.