Sunday, 14 April 2013

Update 27 - Progress or Not

Where I am @

We went on holiday for a week and though it was great and I could get out, I have real frustration about how little I can do without causing severe issues with my health.  It seems like 2 steps forward and 3 back. I am back to my original weight though in all the wrong places and in order to combat this I shouldn't do much exercise... It seems like a continual spiral to me.

We went for a walk around part of an Island call Sark, just of the French coast, it was great to be out and the scenery and weather were brilliant. It was a real shame that I suffered so badly afterwards, as it is just the type of exercise I like doing.

The picture of me (and my daughter) is with a stick on Sark and boy did I need it!

I suppose the good news was no wheelchair :-)

Presentation of Findings

I am presenting my survey findings to the UK GBS Support Group on Saturday 20th of April in Liverpool.  This is a good opportunity to tell more people of my findings, I do wonder how many of the medical profession will take me seriously!  I also feel like making a statement about the 516 people who completed the survey for me, with absolutely no assistance at all from any of the recognised support groups. Just think how many I would have got if they had bothered even to suggest  to their members that this may be of interest! I am going to give it my best shot and maybe some of my findings will make them think, at least a little bit.

I still have many more responses than any "official" survey and the results are worth something to me.

A large number of people have corresponded with me to pass comments and say thanks.  That, has totally vindicated all the effort.

Wish me luck!