Saturday, 25 August 2012

Update 14 - Survey Results Part 1

Thanks go to the 350+ people who have filled in my survey up-until now.  As stated I will publish the results in parts as there are so many and a lot to comment on.  The survey is still available @

All the data is gathered from the survey and I have put into graphical form using Excel, not all people completed the survey (around 82% did and I put a minimum number of questions answered in for the results to be valid).  I have concentrated on differences between GBS & CIDP plus Male & Female, if there other slices people are interested in please contact me:

The first set of results are on the initial number of people and what illness:

This graph shows slightly more women filled in the survey than men, while the numbers for GBS/CIDP were roughly equal (slightly more with CIDP), the data is Female 186 (89 GBS, 89 CIDP), Male 162 (75 GBS, 83 CIDP).  Plus other illnesses (the man ones: 3 x still to be confirmed/diagnosed, 3 x sensory Neuropathy), others didn't state what.

From reading relevant documents it appears that more men have GBS/CIDP than women, so obviously women are more trusting :-)

The age range does more or less tie in with most opinions (I think people are a bit younger than thought), with 60% being 45 or over, I can't comment on pregnant women supposedly more at risk afterwards as I didn't ask that question!
There is also minimal differentiation between the age people contracted GBS or CIDP.

The final set of graphs for this post are about how long to be diagnosed:

These graphs tend to confirm the general opinion about diagnosis.  However the average times are:

GBS: 42 Days,  CIDP: 1004 Days

These are both skewed by a small number of  very large entries, which are either where diagnosis did take very long time or potentially incorrect entries.  What does appear to be certain is that there is significant variation in diagnosis times.

If the longest 10 are removed the averages go down significantly to:

GBS:  10.5 Days, CIDP: 406.8 Days

If you have any questions or comments, then please contact me.  More in a couple of weeks (on Fitness, how it was contracted....).  Sorry too much to publish in one go!


  1. Drew great job. Thanks for all the information

  2. Wow... I am amazed at all the data. Thanks. 😃