Sunday, 25 March 2012

March 25 - Update 4

I have noticed that the Wii fit exercises I can do require basic left and right shifts of weight (as with the Penguin - 119 and the Footballer - 320), however the skier requires small adjustments, that I just can't make - so it is not his fault after all!

My feet and toes are starting to get severe pains. especially at night, but I am not wearing socks in bed for the first time, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it?  However I had an itch on the top of my left foot (near my big toe) and didn't know whether to mutter about the itch or be really happy that I could feel something down there for the first time in nearly a year!

Just as I seem to be progressing with the exercises/feeling and improving, my right knee (the dodgy one from the RTA) has cried enough and is now very painful and won't bend past about 45 degrees without complaining - have I done too much?  All I know is that I am no longer exercising since Thursday and waiting to see the physio on Monday to get their prognosis.  I am wondering why now and how comes I seem to take 2 steps forward and then one or three backwards every time?

I have reduced the steroid dosage, to 30mg every other day, as a number of articles seem to indicate the less time you stay on steroids and the lower the dosage the better.  I hope my consultant doesn't mind, but I wasn't going to wait until mid-May to ask and I don't like the £100+ fee every time I see/talk to him!

Still waiting for the Sarcoidosis consultant; have found out his name and will ring his administrator on Monday to see what is going on, but that will be another £100+ just to see him.  I have to get this all approved by my medical insurance.

Thanks for the survey responses -Now over 180, please keep them coming.  I am going to attend the UK annual GBS/CIDP conference in Bournemouth on the 21st April (as long as I am well enough). I have produced a t-shirt to advertise my survey, I hope I don't get ejected by the stewards at the event :-) !  

If anyone else is going, who reads my blog, I hope to see you there.  You won't be able to miss me (see the front design of my t-shirt below):

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