Sunday, 12 August 2012

August 12 - Update 13

Sorry for the delay in posting, but been trying to redo the layout of this blog (as it has become rather large) and have been getting the survey results ready for publishing (hopefully both will be done by the next post - unless the consultants get there first, so watch this space...)

I have just managed to walk half a mile (approx) with the aid of a stick in my local woods.  Really great to be out and manage it, but was absolutely shattered at the end and sweating like a pig!  They say this is supposed to be good for you?  I chose a path that was flat and fairly even, but I had problems picking my feet up properly, especially when I got tired.  I also found put that I now do not walk as quietly as I used to, I saw a rabbit ahead and before I could get quite close without disturbing it, but this time as I saw him, he heard me and was off!

My brother was running a half-marathon yesterday in Sweden (I hope he did OK), my half a mile felt like a half marathon to me.  Still after sitting in the car for a while I was able to drive home.

My daughter graduated in Law from Cardiff:

I am really pleased for her and the hard work she has put in to get to this stage.  Now she has to do the LPC to enable her to become a solicitor, so one more year of effort left.  I managed to get to Cardiff to see the ceremony, which was great.  There was a fair amount of walking/standing which I found very difficult and tiring, but I managed it, in small doses and seats being found/provided at every opportunity.

One curious side issue with being disabled is that parking and access are treated differently throughout the country.  In Cardiff around the University there are no disabled parking space, but parking is free (so you have to fight for a space and hope it is not too far away - we were lucky), yet just abut everywhere else there are marked spaces, close to the facilities.  My local train station is brilliant as on one side you have to pay, but on the other you don't (because the disabled spaces are nowhere near the main parking area (so guess which side you park?)

BTW in a certain chain of Hotels, they no longer have disabled rooms, they are now "Universal Access" rooms!  What a load of baloney! Apparently they have been changed so a not to offend?  It was more offensive to me that they changed them, what a waste of time and money for the company, do I really care what I am labelled (maybe others do)?

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