Saturday, 3 November 2012

Update 19 - Survey Results Part 6

The next set are concerned with differences between female and male treatments/effects:

The graphs above show a similar ratio of the types of treatments, though as slightly more females have filled in the survey there are more results for them (281 against 265).  What is interesting is that the number of other treatments and their effect on females is much higher than males.  The actual treatments recommended, percentage wise, didn't vary much at all between the two for the normal ones.

Below are the effectiveness charts for each treatment against males and females:

 As you can see, and has been the case throughout the effectiveness of treatments across all segments, IVIG has a significant impact on both males and females.  However it does seem to have a better major effect on females (10% difference), whereas males are higher in the minor/none categories?

Steroids seem to follow a similar pattern to IVIG, however though the Major effectiveness has a 5% difference, the some is much higher with females (14%), thus the minor/none are much higher.  This does seem to indicate (even more than with IVIG) that there is a significantly better effect of steroids for females.

There is definitely a pattern forming with the males having Plasma being improved way less than females, what is most interesting here is the difference between the none's (18%).  That in my view is massive.

This one is even worse than the other three, with females having a much more positive reaction to this treatment than males, there is 20% difference between the major effectiveness.

Please note the actual numbers of people having the last two treatments is much lower than for IVIG and Steroids, so this may be impacting the figures slightly.  However it can't be disputed that there is a pattern of better reaction to treatments in general from the females than the males.  Now work that one out?

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