Sunday, 3 November 2013

Update 33 - Health and Safety (Theirs!!)

I received an envelope for the very kind lady in the DWP, who I alluded to last time, and 4 weeks later have just received the standard mail response of thanks for your info......

The problem is it now says it will be 8 weeks before I get a response and my claim runs out on 23rd of November (and thus so do the payments).So instead of getting more efficient they are obviously getting less (a feat that I would have thought was impossible).  Also as I expect to have to appeal again this will take even longer. I don't know if anyone else goes through the same hassle, but now you can see the reason for the blog title!

Also my consultant appointment on the NHS has been moved from Portsmouth QA and to the consultant who has dealt with me throughout my issues, to Southampton and a consultant who I have never heard of or seen! (now please tell me where is the sense in all this?).  Plus from the notes I have seen they are very sketchy and incomplete so this consultant (who probably will be very nice) will be asking all the same details and going through all the same issues as my previous consultant knows very well! (e.g. the issues with my right ankle/knee due to my road traffic accident when I was 9).  Additionally I now have to get to Southampton for 16:00 which is at least 45 minutes on the way there and probably over an hour on the way back (due to the rush hour) when QA at Portsmouth was 15 mins at worst!

At least it will provide an up to date medical opinion for when I appeal to the DWP! (cynic?)

I have finished publishing all the statistics from my web survey. they can be found on a web site:

I couldn't publish it all on this blog as it just wouldn't fit!  I am also putting my blog on the site slowly, but will continue to use this as the blog for now.

Comments welcome and I hope you find it interesting.

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