Sunday, 9 February 2014

Update 37 - About CIDP & Diabetes

Having managed to acquire both conditions.  I am seriously considering whether there is a link between the two?  When I did my survey only 10% of people with CIDP/GBS said they were diabetic, but how many don't know they are, as it was only found out for me whilst trying to work out what was going wrong.

Especially as a number of the symptoms are exactly the same (regarding sensory loss in the hands and feet).  From the charts put up last year for the US conference, it seems that people like me need to satisfy all 5 conditions and 3 of them could be diabetes:

One of the doctors attending stated he uses 5 points and if the patient has 3 out of 5 then it is CIDP:

  1. Progressive course - it is getting worse slowly
  2. Symmetrical proximal weakness
  3. Loss of reflex - also EMG's
  4. High CSF Proteins
  5. Demylinating Features

So actually on their scale I'm not sure I have CIDP???!  But I did and still have, due to the severity and the other issues.  Maybe it is another reason why they took so long to find it.

One great bit of news about changing one of my diabetic pills to Lynaglyptin is that I no longer have to stab myself in the fingers to test my blood sugar levels - as neither of the two I am now on can cause hypo's or low's - which is what they are most worried about.  High's kill you slowly, low's kill you very quickly.  My fingers no longer feel like pin cushions and I am not a significant drain on the NHS for the constant use of the measuring strips.

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