Saturday, 22 September 2012

Update 16 - Survey Results Part 3

On the question of "Where did it start?", the survey said:

It seems quite clear that though the extremities are first to get hit, the majority are for the feet and toes.  What surprises me is that fingers are so high, yet feet beats toes?  I suppose that is because we are all very tactile and when you can't feel with your fingers you know about it very quickly.  Relating that to me, feeling is returning to my legs, but as I never felt with my toes/feet I don't know how much or how quickly as "normal" was not readily known.  Could anyone who has recovery in their fingers comment on this?

Onto the issue of areas affected:

 This has a similar look and feel! (pardon the pun) to the previous one, which I found surprising as I thought the spread would be wider.  The results from GBS or CIDP were quite different:

 What is very noticeable is that a significantly larger proportion of areas was affected for people with CIDP than GBS, yet the actual ratio between areas has similarities.  The biggest variation is actually in the fingers, hands & wrists, where there is a 30% difference between CIDP & GBS.  In fact you could draw the conclusion that GBS rarely affects the upper torso and has a much higher impact on the legs!  Whereas CIDP appears to have a more balanced affect (another pun! - a bit harder to spot?), between the arms and legs.

Out of curiosity I looked at the areas affected between genders:

 Now whilst the areas affected curve for both again looks very similar, what I noticed was in every category of no feeling (red), the male score is higher than the female one.  This can't be coincidence? If you reversed this and looked at not affected (light green) then the difference was even more marked!

Does this mean women are less affected than men? Or they just don't complain as much!!! (I think I've said enough for now).  More in a couple of weeks.

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